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Foster his love for music

My brother-in-law sent us a link to an OMF video a few years ago since he knew Sam enjoyed playing guitar. I don’t think he ever dreamed that Sam would make it into any videos. We’re so glad that we sent in a video of Sam blasting “Carry On Wayward Son” at his 5th grade talent show. We live in a small town about an hour west of St. Louis. There aren’t a lot of opportunities for young musicians in our area to showcase their talents. Young athletes get to play in front of a crowd every week, but young musicians seldom get the chance to. The O’Keefe Music Foundation gives these kids the opportunity to work with other talented musicians from all over the country. Together, they get to do what they love while being supported by a fantastic organization that creates amazing videos that all parties can be proud of. The experience has certainly helped Sam make friends, gain confidence, and foster his love for music. We are so thankful for OMF!