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ten things about logan

Logan: Hello Kitty Drummer

1. I am waaay into supercars, my favorite car is a Bugatti Vision.
2. My favorite color is neon orange.
3. I have a black lab dog named Boo Boo.
4. I like to play video games, my favorite game right now is Roblox.
5. I built a model car that was really cool, it was an Audi R8.
6. My favorite food is lasagna; I would eat it every day!
7. Right now, my favorite song is “Dance Monkey” by Tones & I. I like playing along to that on my drum set.
8. I’ve been playing drums since I got my first drum set for Christmas in 2015.
9. I like to ride my bike and climb trees.
10. I like to put wood on the fire and make s’mores.

Logan Records White Zombie, Hello Kitty Style