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OMF covers Pantera

Pantera Posts OMF Cover of "I'm Broken"

Pantera shared OMF’s cover of “I’m Broken” and it cracked half a million views on Facebook in just a few weeks!
Watch Hunter Hallberg, Kaden KarnsNate Tharp, Alex Sutherland and Jonas Miller completely and utterly DESTROY this song! Is it the best Pantera cover in the universe??? You decide! Watch Alex Sutherland prove that you don’t need long hair to headbang like a rock star  Watch as Nate Tharp records the song in 1 take while Hunter and Jonas play their parts flawlessly! And know that this is just one of the 3 songs that vocalist, Kaden Karns, recorded in 42 minutes. OMF is EXTREMELY proud of what these 5 young musicians have accomplished!