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Ok, the kids were going to record an album of Taylor Swift songs because sometimes you need to sell out. Everyone does it. And maybe we’ve lost too many subscribers due to all these metal covers. But Sunny went into a rage and screamed,

So over 100 talented young musicians are hard at work creating DANZIGOLOGY, the ultimate Danzig cover album. This groundbreaking 12″ double album will feature 30 DANZIMAGICAL tracks and a DANZIGORGEOUS tip-on triple gatefold jacket illustrated by Jon Hunt….DANZICRAZINESS!!

  1. Come to Silver
  2. Let It Be Captured
  3. Anything
  4. Her Black Wings
  5. Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
  6. Black Candy
  7. Bound by Bound
  8. Can’t Speak
  9. Until You Call On The Dark
  10. Ashes
  11. Soul on Fire
  12. Long Way Back From Hell
  13. Dirty Black Summer
  14. See All You All Were
  15. Deepest
  16. End of Time
  17. Lilin
  18. It’s Coming Down
  19. 777
  20. My Darkness
  21. Bringer of Death
  22. Dominion
  23. Cwn Anwnn (Black Aria I)
  24. Warlock
  25. The Coldest Sun
  26. And The Angels Weep (Black Aria I)
  27. Dirge of Defeat (Black Aria I)
  28. Going Down to Die
  29. Left Hand Black
  30. Heart of the Devil
danzig letter

5 Year Old’s Letter to Danzig

This one-of-a-kind Danzig record will have the following specs: