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Kids Cover "Raining Blood" by Slayer!

After nearly a decade of searching for talented young musicians who could do this song justice, OMF finally got the opportunity to record “Raining Blood” at Refraze Recording in Dayton.  This project represents what OMF hopes to do more of in the future–bring musical prodigies from around the world to create one of a kind performances!
Thunder Tube / Annika Miller / Age 5
Rainstick / Logan Miller / Age 7
Lead Vocals / Kaden Karns / Age 14
Rhythm Guitar / John Fowler / Age 14
Lead Guitar / Eli Dykstra / Age 15
Bass Guitar / Bailey Couch / Age 15
Drums / Curtis Moss / Age 18
Loudwire also published an article about this incredible performance which debuted on Valentines Day 2018.